Acrylic Ink Painting 18×24 Marvel’s GhostRider



Acrylic Ink Painting 18×24 of Marvels GhostRider. This is an original recreation. This is a one of none and copies are not available. This is a hand drawn not traced, colored with acrylic ink painting. The finished ink painting is lacquered sealed. The reverse side, of the ink painting, is sealed in paper, signed and dated. It’s hanging device is also attached for immediate display when you receive it. The completed ink painting is sealed inside a Mylar bag, like a Comicbook, for shipping. The ink painting is then expertly packaged inside a 20x25x5 box and sent by USPS. The tracking number is sent to your email address, once shipped, for tracking an ease of mind. Once received, Please drop me a display or opening picture or video, once received. Please link ClemaGraphics Studio in any post you may do. Thank you

If you like this creation and would like me to reproduce it as a commission, dm or email me.


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