Origin Story:

Hi, my name is Andrew Clem, Owner/Artist of ClemaGraphics Studios, along with my manager and lovely wife, Sarah Clem.

I create Comic/Pop Art pieces, coloring with Acrylic inks. I use the inks to replicate the same process that was used when these comics were printed originally. Ink only comes in a limited number of colors, so replicating those colors becomes challenging and rewarding.  

I did the standard education, graduating HS in 1983, employed in factory and construction jobs until 1986, when I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. I continued this career path, that lasted for 20yr and I retired in 2006. 

After retirement, I returned to school and achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in Childhood Education and a Degree in Art Instruction.  

When I was 9 yrs. Old and reading Peanuts Sunday Strips and Comic books, I wondered who drew these and how? I wondered if I could draw like that. Over the years, I kept practicing and experimenting and honing my skills. I just hope that my work can help others to know that life is not over at a certain age. Keep doing what you love, keep giving it your best and nothing replaces hard work.

Direct Message me on FB, GChat or email me for commissions and ideas.

Published Work: “Tripping Over Reality: Death and Birth of a Superhero”-author: Christopher Swartzlander

Art Education:

2007 Graduate of the Joe Kubert’s World of Cartooning, Inking Class

2009 Graduate of the Art Instruction School

2009 Charles Schultz Cartoon Award

2011 Kaplan University Ass. of Science in Earl Childhood Development

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